About Us

Julie Jehly is the Founder of JJ Crowdfunding Advisors. 

She combines over fifteen years of diverse experience in the nonprofit realm cultivating and obtaining donations from individuals and businesses, and securing and managing five and six-figure foundation and state grants. Her last two nonprofit years were with a fiscal sponsor working closely with over 80 projects to manage, mentor and provide traditional and digital fundraising advice. 

Prior to starting her business, Julie created, launched, and managed the fiscal sponsor program for a major crowdfunding platform. In her role, she successfully developed and implemented a strategy to attract, onboard and encourage fiscal sponsors and their projects to utilize the platform and increase donations. Julie also provided advice to incorporate crowdfunding into a traditional and/or standalone fundraising strategy. Nonprofits, fiscal sponsors and projects under her purview raised over $1.6m in two years.

With JJ Crowdfunding Advisors, she combines her nonprofit experience with traditional and digital fundraising expertise to bring Comprehensive Campaign Development and Management for Nonprofits and Fiscal Sponsors

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